Root Beer Float

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Root Beer Float - Nutrition Information

Making a Root Beer Float at Home


If you are wondering about nutrition information for a root beer float, you can reference the chart below.  You will find approximate calorie counts for combinations of  (4) popular vanilla ice creams and (4) popular flavors of root beer.  I have tried each combination and my personal favorite root beer float mixture is 1919 Root Beer and Haagen-Dazs Vanilla Ice Cream

  1/2 Cup of Vanilla Ice Cream
8 Oz. of Root Beer Kemps
Blue Bunny
Edy's Grand
1919 Root Beer
220 220 230 360
Dad's Root Beer
235 235 245 375
Barq's Root Beer
241 241 251 381
A&W Root Beer
250 250 260 390

Restaurant Root Beer Floats


In the United States, the most popular commercial association with the root beer float is with the A&W restaurant chain. In addition to their restaurants, A&W root beer is very popular and available in grocery and convenience stores nationwide. Other popular restarunt chains that serve root beer floats include Dairy Queen, Sonic and Culver's.  Below is information about sizes, calories and types of root beer that these four restarunts use in their root beer float.  My Favorite is Culver's - their custard is really unique, great treat.



  Popular Restaurant Root Beer Floats
  Dairy Queen ® Sonic ® A&W ® Culver's ®
Size (Oz.) 16 14 16 16
Calories 160 340 370 468
Root Beer Mug Root Beer Barq's Root Beer A&W Root Beer Culver's Root Beer